Why Investing in Quality Scissors is a Game Changer for Stylists

Hey everyone, let’s talk about something crucial for all stylists: investing in your tools. While many stylists spend big on electric tools like hairdryers and straighteners, the importance of a good pair of scissors is often overlooked, despite their significant role in our daily work.

The Overlooked Tool: Scissors

Most stylists start their careers with a basic pair of scissors and replace them annually. Surprisingly, many can’t even recall the brand or size of their scissors, yet they are intimately familiar with their hairdryers and straighteners. This is concerning given how frequently scissors are used.

Scissors: Your Most Important Tool

Consider this: you’ll use your scissors for approximately 1,600 hours or 96,000 minutes annually, which equates to 67 full days a year. Quality scissors are vital for comfort, efficiency, and performance. On average, stylists make around 2,400 cuts per year, translating to 10 cuts a day, five days a week, for 48 weeks. This makes scissors the most used and most profitable tool in your kit.

Financial Perspective

Let’s break down the numbers. If an average haircut costs £32, your scissors can generate £76,800 annually. Investing in high-quality scissors like Kasho, which can last up to 10 years, means your tool could help generate £768,000 over its lifetime. Spending £500-£1,000 on top-notch scissors becomes a small investment for such returns. With financing options, it’s equivalent to the cost of one haircut per month.

Why the Hesitation?

Despite the benefits, many talented stylists continue using beveled blade, non-ergonomic, weaker steel scissors. This choice often leads to hand fatigue and shoulder tension, much like a professional chef using an inferior knife instead of a premium KAI chef knife. The lack of emphasis on the right tools from the start of a stylist’s education contributes to this issue.

The Right Tool for the Job

A talented stylist remains talented regardless of the tools, but the right scissors enhance the ease, efficiency, and precision of their work. Investing in high-quality scissors not only improves your performance but also promotes better wellness by reducing physical strain.

Make the Smart Investment

Using the right tools is essential for achieving professional success and maintaining your health. To learn more, visit our blog and explore our content on choosing the best tools. We also offer a WhatsApp function for direct consultation to help you make the right investment in your scissors.

Investing in quality scissors is not just about improving your craft—it’s about making a smart business decision that supports your long-term health and success.


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