Hey salon owners! If you’re active on hairdressing forums, you’ve probably seen the buzz and increased chatter about sure ways to fill appointment slots whilst optimising spending on Meta ads, especially Instagram and Facebook. While these platforms are key, don’t sleep on another powerhouse: Google.

Why Google Should Be Your Go-To Platform

For local salons, Google is a game-changer. It’s easier, cheaper, and incredibly effective once you get the ball rolling. A major reason for this is Google Reviews.

The Impact of Reviews

In 2024, reviews are everything. They’re an organic and powerful way to attract new clients and build your salon’s reputation. People rely heavily on reviews when choosing a new salon, so having a strong presence on Google is crucial.

Setting Up Your Google Business Profile

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

1. Claim Your Business: Head over to Google My Business and claim your salon. If it’s not listed, you can create a new profile easily.

2. Complete Your Profile: Fill out all the necessary details—salon name, address, phone number, and business hours. Accuracy is key!

3. Add Photos: Upload high-quality pics of your salon. Showcase the interior, exterior, and some action shots of your stylists at work. This helps potential clients get a feel for your vibe.

4. Encourage Reviews: Encourage happy clients to leave reviews on your Google profile. This is where investing in the right salon software really pays off. Software like Phorest will automatically prompt your clients to leave a review after their appointments. Additionally, you can add a review link on your website and even put up a small sign in your salon with review instructions.

5. Respond to Reviews: Engage with reviewers. Thank them for positive feedback and professionally address any negative reviews. This shows you value customer feedback and are dedicated to excellent service.

6. Use Google Posts: Share updates, promotions, and events using the Google Posts feature. This keeps your profile active and engaging.

7. Add a Google review plugin: By adding this to your website Google reviews can easily be accessed by all potential clients directly on your website. 

8. Add a Book Online button: Some salon systems, like Phorest, allow for direct booking straight from your Google Business profile. This provides a smooth and effortless way for existing, but primarily new, clients to book their appointments with you. The fewer barriers, the better!

A Case Study

With 10 stylists and consistently fully booked columns, The Hair Movement Salon attributes much of its success to a multi-faceted marketing approach, with Google serving as a cornerstone of their strategy. Boasting over 680 five-star reviews, new guests flock to the salon based on the recommendations of existing clients. It’s digital word of mouth.

Maximising Your Google Presence

Besides setting up and maintaining your Google Business Profile, try these strategies to boost your online presence:

Local SEO: Optimise your website with local search terms. Use keywords related to your services and location throughout your site.

Google Ads: Don’t underestimate the power of Google Ads. They can help you reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to your site and Google profile.

Regular Updates: Keep your profile and website up-to-date with the latest info on your services, pricing, and special offers.

So to wrap up 

Instagram and Facebook are important, but don’t overlook Google in your marketing strategy. By building a strong Google presence, especially through reviews, you can attract new clients and establish a solid, trustworthy reputation in your area. Start setting up your strong Google Business Profile today and watch your salon’s visibility and clientele grow!


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