Our not so small world of hairdressing has changed a lot in the past years, and thankfully so has our understanding of the importance of ergonomics. In the busy and increasingly intricate world of hairdressing, precision and comfort are now front and centre. 

Among the various tools at your disposal, the choice of scissors plays a crucial role in achieving seamless cuts. 

As you know, Kasho scissors are renowned for our craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, favoured by some of the world’s leading stylists. However, the ergonomic aspect of using Kasho scissors is equally vital to ensure not only exquisite hairstyles but also the well-being of you as the stylist working with our tools. 

Understanding Ergonomics: First things first, let’s understand and dive head-first into the term. Ergonomics is simply the study of how tools and equipment can be designed to fit the human body, enhancing efficiency, comfort, and safety. In the realm of hairdressing, the ergonomic design of scissors becomes crucial, considering the repetitive nature of cutting and styling. At 10 cuts a day, a busy stylist will have their scissor in-hand for 1,600 hours a year, or 96,000 minutes, equating to 67 full days. Not only is choosing the right scissor important, but choosing a scissor that’s ergonomic and gentle on your body is paramount. What starts in your hand moves to your shoulders and neck. The days of institutionalised pain can be a thing of the past when choosing the right cutting tools, and using them in the right way. 

Features of Kasho Scissors

Kasho scissors are revered for their precision engineering and ergonomic design. Understanding and utilising the following features can significantly enhance the ergonomic experience when cutting hair:

Offset Design: Kasho scissors typically have an offset handle design, which is what we would always recommend; where the thumb ring is positioned slightly lower than the finger ring. This design reduces strain on the hand and wrist, promoting a more natural and relaxed cutting posture.


Ergonomic Finger Rest: All Kasho Scissors either come with an adjustable or ergonomically integrated finger rest. This feature allows you to customise the position of the finger rest according to your hand size and cutting style, preventing unnecessary strain.

Convex Edge Blades: Kasho scissors features convex edge blades, which require less force to cut through hair. This reduces the effort needed during cutting, minimising strain on your hand and wrist. This coupled with Japanese precision steel also results in a sharp effortless result.

Ball-bearing Screw Systems: We have an entire category with a variety of Ball-Bearing screw systems. By using an enclosed ballbearing unit, friction between the blades is brought to an absolute minimum. This in turn greatly reduces hand fatigue from the motion of opening and closing your scissor day-in and day-out because you don’t need to apply any additional cutting pressure.

Lightweight Materials: All Kasho scissors are crafted from high-quality steel, and many from lightweight materials, like sintered steel. This not only contributes to the overall balance of the scissors but also prevents unnecessary fatigue during prolonged use.

Best Practices for Ergonomic Hair Cutting

Proper Grip: Hold the scissors using a relaxed and natural grip. The thumb should rest in the thumb ring, and the remaining fingers in the finger ring, allowing for controlled and precise movements.

Body Position: Maintain a comfortable and upright posture while cutting. Avoid excessive bending of the wrist or overreaching, as these can lead to discomfort and strain.

Regular Breaks: Take short breaks between cutting sessions to stretch and relax your hands, wrists, and shoulders. This helps prevent cumulative strain injuries associated with prolonged use.

Customisation: Adjust the scissor tension and finger rest to suit your individual preferences. Experiment with different settings to find the configuration that best accommodates your hand size and cutting technique.

In the artistic realm of hairdressing, mastering the use of tools is as essential as the creative vision itself. Kasho scissors, with our ergonomic design, elevates the cutting experience by prioritising both precision and comfort. By understanding and implementing ergonomic principles, you’ll not only achieve flawless cuts but also ensure the longevity of your craft by prioritising your own well-being in the salon.


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