Q & A With Christian Wiles

Q & A With Christian Wiles


Over 20 years on the professional hairdressing circuit has seen Christian Wiles demonstrate and educate other hairdressing professionals with his signature brand of Sassoon-inspired precision cutting and innovative hairdressing techniques. We met up with Christian and asked him a few key questions about his choice of cutting tools. 


Q/. How important are your tools?

Using the correct tools is critical for myself and my team!  However skilled I am as a stylist, I know that without the best tools, I am unlikely to achieve the very best results.  


Q/.  When looking for new scissors, what are your key considerations?

I’m asked this question by delegates at my education courses regularly!  It is so important to remember that one size and style does not fit all. There is no doubt that if you are switching between ladies and gents hairdressing, you need to invest in appropriate scissors for each.  Finding the right size of scissor is also critical and is key to the suitability for the individual.  A stylist should choose wisely based on whether they are left or right handed and if they prefer to work with straight or offset scissors.


Q/. Why is it so important to switch between scissors for ladies and men’s cutting.  

For gents I use 7” offset scissors because the offset scissor handle gives an instant feel of comfort.  Its curve will fit both the curve of your grip as well as relax your elbow and shoulder. Think long term – using the correct tools is not only important to achieve the best result but can also seriously reduce the risk of aches and pains for any stylist. The larger size of the scissors helps me to remove bulk and blend hair quickly and then I would switch to the smaller sized scissors for precision cutting.


Q/.  Which scissors do you use?

On a daily basis Millennium Offset KASHO are what I use for ladies cutting and the KASHO Green Offset Barber Edition are my scissors of choice for gents cutting. KASHO Captain Razor along with the KASHO Hair Dryer are also my kit bag must-haves!


Q/. What makes Kasho your go-to brand?

It is all about the quality of their tools, the ease of use and the precision they deliver!


Q/. Do you have any advice to other stylists who are looking to buy new equipment?

Make sure that you do your research before you commit to the purchase and invest in more than one set of scissors different tools for different jobs it’s not always the most expensive pair that are the best pair!  You should also ask for the opinion of hairstylists who you regard highly, their advice will be invaluable!  


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