Kasho Speed Edge Blades

B-10KBL | Speed Edge Blades | 10

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Kasho Speed Edge Blades pack of 10 Razor Blades| B-10KBL

Kasho Speed Edge Blades are for use in hairdressing and barbering. All the razors feature extraordinary sharpness and cutting durability. Great for all hair types.

It doesn’t matter if you like to fold, or get straight to the point. Shaving or shaping, thinning or cutting, you need the right blade. For me, KASHO is the only choice — surgical sharpness, and flair.

The Speed Edge Blades are interchangeable with most other holders on the market.

The razor and blades are an excellent tool for ‘feathering’ and razoring hairstyles.

Don’t forget to purchase your Speed Edge Razor when you place your order.

The ergonomically designed Speed Edge Hair Razor is a smooth and comfortable tool for creative hair sculpting. The straight holder has a fixed finger ring and is lightweight and perfectly balanced. The moulded plastic comb with surgical steel blade prevents the accumulation and clogging of cut hairs, and guarantees superior and safe cutting performance.