Kasho scissors are precision tools for professionals, and should be treated and cared for as such.


Only use on hair!

  • Always wipe surfaces of scissors after EVERY use with a clean, soft cloth – our Kasho leather cloth is ideal. And keep it clean! (click here to order)
  • Oil the pivot area frequently — oil pens are available from Kasho (click here to order)
  • Ensure your scissors are completely dry before storing.  Moisture can cause rust spots to form, which may in time permanently damage the structure of the metal.
  • Check the ‘ BLADE TENSION ‘ of your scissors regularly.
  • Get your scissors ‘ tuned up ‘ periodically by a KASHO designated service centre (recommended annually)

Never complete a cut if the section of hair offers resistance

This can damage the blades, and means the scissors are too ‘light’ for the task.  Cut smaller sections instead.

Checking the blade tension

Warning: If the tension is too tight the blades will grind against each other. If the tension is too loose they will feel out of control. Either may cause nicks or blunt the blades…

To check the tension: With your left hand hold the scissors by the ring without the finger rest, points facing upwards (vertical).

With your right hand, hold the ring with the finger rest, and open the blades so that they form a cross.

Release the ring in your right hand, it should drop enough to leave a small gap at the tips, about 15 mm. If it falls quickly and almost touches, or touches the other ring it is too loose.  If it does not move, it is too tight.

To correct the tension: Adjust the tension accordingly using the tension nut, or tension key. Clockwise to tighten, anti-clockwise to loosen.

Please note:   Tension cannot be loosened or tightened on Blue Series scissors – these can only be adjusted at the Kasho Service Centre.

  • Essential Care Pack

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  • Leather Care Cloth

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  • Oil Pen

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