KAD 5.5″ os | Damascus Series

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Owning a piece from the Damascus series? 

The patterning on every blade is as unique as a human fingerprint.

As unique as I am. My Damascus scissors were forged for me, and no one else.


For centuries, Japan’s Master Smiths have fashioned blades from alternating layers of steel, each little thicker than a human hair. This superb technique, known in the West as Damascus forging, gives each blade its hallmark strength and intricately graceful patterning.

Each piece in KASHO’s Damascus Series is perfectly crafted, yet beautifully individual. The blades are crafted from eight layers of premium V10 cobalt alloy steel, resulting in ultimate sharpness and extremely powerful cutting. Thanks to hand-finishing, the unique Damascus patterning promises a one-of-a-kind scissor. And, with KASHO’s clever ball bearing system integrated with Flat Screw technology, every cut is always silky smooth.


Screw system: Adjustable flat head screw with ceramic inlay and ball bearing.



Cutting tool




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Right Handed