I used to feel that being a lefty limited my range of options. With Ivory, I’m not forced to settle for second best. This isn’t an entry-level styling tool. KASHO have forged a beautiful object, with all the features I need.

Why should righties have all the fun? With the Ivory Series scissors, KASHO presents a hair scissor that’s definitely a cut above — exclusively for left-handed users. Ivory is available in the classic, straight design, which forms its glinting mirror polished steel into a purposeful, arrow-like shape. There’s an ergonomic offset model, too. Its handle adds a twist to Ivory’s profile, forming an elegant, near-straight line from ring to point. Ivory sports a comfortable finger rest. KASHO’s tactile, tension-adjustable screw system, ensures optimal cutting tautness. Ivory’s blades are concave on the cutting side, and finely honed by hand — giving Ivory the KASHO Ultimate Edge.